Is Biochemistry Really Hard? An Ultimate Guide

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Biochemistry is a hard subject for those who do not like to memorize topics. Many students want to study it. They wonder, is it really so hard?

According to my experience and research, whether the subject is hard or not depends on the capability of a student. Some may find it a piece of cake. Some may think that it is very difficult. Let’s find out in this blog.

What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a branch of science that discusses chemical activities related to living beings. It is a combination of Biology and Chemistry. This science helps to study biological problems with knowledge of Chemistry.

Biochemistry derived from “Biology” and “Chemistry” in 1877. This discipline started in the 19th century after the discovery of enzymes in 1833.

What Topics Do Biochemistry Cover?

Biochemistry covers various topics to understand and explore chemical tactics of living organs. They are as follows.

  • Structure of molecules and cells
  • Interaction between DNA and RNA
  • Biotechnology
  • Gin
  • Amino acids and proteins
  • Enzymes and its mechanism
  • Structures of nucleic acids

Why is Biochemistry Difficult?

Biochemistry is difficult for some students because it requires a lot of memorization and dedication. Many students suffer from memorizing fast. They often forget memorized topics quickly. They have to remember various jargon to understand the biological system, metabolism, enzyme mechanism, gin related topics and so on.

The students also have to be dedicated to study Biochemistry. According to some studies, students have to study for 10 – 15 hours weekly. If the student is lazy, does not have patience and dedication, he will suffer a lot to study this subject.

Why is Biochemistry Easy?

Biochemistry is not as hard as it is advertised because topics can be memorized easily. If the learner can do hard work and have dedication, he can succeed in this field.

The easiest part of Biochemistry is that you do not need to do Math much. So, if you are poor in Math, Biochemistry is the best choice for you. Just memorize theories.

The topics are very interesting. You read how different activities happen in the body. Nutrition, biological technology are also attractive topics to some students. Moreover, since topics are intuitive, they are easy to understand.

Why Do Some Students Find Biochemistry so Hard?

Some students find Biochemistry so hard because they forget basic topics of Chemistry. Biochemistry is a combination of Biology and Chemistry. The students learn Chemistry in high school. Since they find it hard and cannot implement it in their life, they forget most of the theories. As a result, when they pursue bachelors in Biochemistry, they do not understand many topics. They again start to study the basics of Chemistry. It is very difficult to study both fundamental topics of Chemistry and Biochemistry simultaneously. For this reason, they find it difficult to study Biochemistry.

Which is Hard Between Biochemistry and Chemistry?

Biochemistry is easier than Chemistry. Let’s compare Biochemistry with Chemistry.

So, Chemistry is harder than Biochemistry for difficult theories. It requires more dedication than Biochemistry. Students have to solve complicated Math and memorize various topics. On the other hand, it is possible to complete courses of Biochemistry with basic knowledge of Math and memorization ability. It is easy for those students who are weak in Math.

Which is harder between Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry?

Well, it depends on the ability of a student which subject is hard. Let’s find some key differences between these two subjects.

Organic Chemistry is hard for some students because of their inability to visualize topics. They find it difficult to visualize chemical methods of organic composition. On the other hand, Biochemistry requires more time to memorize and complete topics than Organic Chemistry. However, it is easy to visualize topics. Anyway, it depends on students which subject they find easy.

Which is hard between Biochemistry and Medicine?

Medicine is a vast course. It contains Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pathology, Surgery, Gynecology, Mental health and so on. On the other hand, Biochemistry is a specialized degree. It only focuses on the biological chemical process of the human body. The detailed differentiation is as follows.

So, Medicine is more difficult than Biochemistry. Students have to dedicate more time to complete courses of Medicine. However, if a Medicine degree attracts you, you can pursue it as well. If duration of course does not matter for you, you can choose a Medicine degree. It mostly depends on your skills and preference which is difficult between Medicine and Biochemistry.

Which is Hard Between Biology and Biochemistry?

Biology is a broader subject. It covers topics of Biochemistry, Geology, Immunology, Microbiology, Geonomics, Genetical Science, Zoology, Botany and so on. It requires a long time to complete a bachelor’s degree.

On the other hand, Biochemistry is comparatively short. It only discusses molecular components of the body. It includes but is not limited to proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and so on. It takes less time than Biology to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Biology is difficult for some students for the duration of courses. However, if he does not care about time, it is easy for him.

Should I major in Biology or Biochemistry?

Well, it is completely your decision which department you want to choose for a bachelor. I am no one to refrain you. However, you can find a clear view here between Biology and Biochemistry.

Since Biology is a broad field, graduates can join in many job fields such as pharmacy, education, health care and so on. They can join many versatile careers such as forest officer, fiel industry, writing and so on. They can become teachers as well.

Nonetheless, Biochemists join a more specific career. They do not explore various careers. Rather, they work as researchers, doctors, pharmacy officers and so on.

Does Biochemistry Require High Understanding of Math?

Well, whether you need to understand Math or not depends on the topic. If you study Biology related topics, you do not need Math. It includes molecules, genetics, metabolism and so on.

On the other hand, if you study Chemistry related topics, you need to understand some basic level of Math. Any empirical science requires Math to run various experiments. Biochemistry is also an empirical science. So, it is better to understand Math. But, you do not need to be obsessed with it. If you studied the basics of Math in higher secondary school, it is enough for Biochemistry.

What Does a Biochemist Do?

A biochemist is a prestigious profession. He discovers new medicine to cure disease. He plans projects and analyzes existing solutions. Then, if the existing solution to a problem is not adequate, he tries to find a new solution for a short time as well as a long time. Finally, he writes an application to the government for funds. He conducts the research using this fund.

How to Succeed in Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a tough subject. Learners have to work hard to succeed in this field. Follow the following steps to study Biochemistry.

  • Study regularly
  • Maintain a routine to study for several hours everyday
  • Make a study group. It is helpful to study in a group. For this reason, you get friends to understand any obscure topic. Moreover, you get the opportunity to explain the topic to someone. As a result, you will identify what you know and what you need to know in more depth
  • Use flashcards to remember important points. Color important points in the book as well so that you can revise the topic quickly
  • Review everyday what you know and have forgotten. For this reason, you can revise forgotten theories again
  • Attend class regularly and take notes


In the end, I want to say that Biochemistry is a lucrative subject. If you have good memorization skills, are a hard worker and are dedicated to growing a great career, Biochemistry is a good option. But, if you cannot pursue this discipline, other options are also available for you. If you are confident to continue your major in Biochemistry after reading this article, good luck to get a good result.

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