Living Cost In Adelaide For International Students

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Living cost in Adelaide
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Adelaide has a cheaper cost of living in Australia for international students than any other Australian land capital city. People will have more m

oney to spend on meals, lodging, goods, vacation, and entertainment. This budget does not cover high costs for international students such as college fees, automobiles, television, or technology purchases. The expenses listed in the table below are simply estimates:

Living Cost

Expense Amount
Rent Shared cost $120
Single cost $380
Groceries of food cost $90-$130
Mobile cost $15-$40
Transportation cost $20-$40
Utility cost $35-$50
Total  $330-$645

Average rent and other costs: For international students, the average weekly rent in Adelaide cost is $405 for homes and $340 for apartments. Since the prior month, there has been a 2.5 percent rise in homes and a 6.3 percent rise in apartments.

Gas bill

The average quarterly gas bill cost in Adelaide was shown to be $223. It is considered that they have among the most significant statements in the country. Surprisingly, four out of five South Australians believe they receive a fair bargain on gas. The 20 percent of respondents who changed plans in the previous two years said it was a tremendous economic move, 64 percent agreeing. International students need to aware of the gas bills as it’s expensive here.

The regular usage of gas in Adelaide cost is 3.93c/MJ. The average annual power cost in Adelaide is around $1,444. Bill-payers aged 70 and over have minor yearly bills, which is cost $1,092. Though those aged 18 to 29 have the highest annual expenditure cost is $1,828. People in Adelaide spend an average cost of $324 every quarter on water costs.

Water bill

It’s no surprise that half of the South African bill-payers believe water is excessively costly. And that 45 percent make a real effort to reduce water consumption to save money. Adelaide’s weekly food price was $139, which translates to $556 per month or $6,672 per year. Researchers found that more than half of the buyers purchase gourmet meats from supermarkets rather than contacting a butcher in the poll. Monthly expenditures for a family of four are expected to be AU$5,660 in Adelaide.

Reasons to live in Adelaide

  • Adelaide is a relatively inexpensive city: On a limited income, Adelaide is the ideal destination to live and enjoy. Adelaide is one of the cheapest capital cities in terms of living expenses, with rents roughly 49% more affordable than Sydney. Rent depends, but a room in a shared house will cost a person between $170 and 510 per week.
  • It is home to a few of Australia’s most prestigious educational institutions: Adelaide is home to several of Australia’s most prestigious academic institutions. Including universities, private colleges, and cooking and hospitality schools.  Adelaide’s university campuses’ ancient colonization stone structures are likewise charming.
  • Adelaide’s public transportation is quite handy: People in Adelaide will observe many inner-city trams across the city. This adds to the city’s attractiveness. Many city transportation services, including buses, are free. As a result, people may enjoy, discover, and travel to Adelaide on a budget.

While studying in Adelaide, there are several opportunities to engage in internships and find part-time work for students. Students can work in one of Adelaide’s many booming sectors after graduation. Food and wine, biology, health, farming, information and communications technology, defense, tourism, and the arcane sciences are among them. So, living cost in Adelaide is affordable than any other cities in Australia.

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