Moral and Professional Work ethics Online Test

Work ethic is a set of values based on the ideals of discipline and hard work.

Forming good habits such as focusing, staying motivated, finishing tasks immediately, and more helps to create a good work ethic that will impress employers.
Work ethics have two types :

  • Personal (i.e. Sincerity, respect for the job, regularity, punctuality, seriousness)
  • Specific to a work situation
  • Keeping certain information confidential
  • Maintaining cordial relation with clients and agencies
  • Being prepared to take up new tasks
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Moral and Professional Work Ethics Online Test

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Miraz working as a content writer in a company. One day Miraz little sister ask for  2000 Word paragraph for his assignment about Covid19. Miraz wrote 3000 words an article last week for his company. Now Miraz update some of the portion of article and do some changes then he shared the article with his sister. Is it professionally Legal or illegal

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Recently Wajed Shifted his job. Now new company Boss ask Wajid to share working process of previous company and  what tools they are using. Wajed Denied to share those information Because Wajed thinks it is ethically wrong.

Are you agree with Wajed ?

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Dipto and Bappy two best friend live together in  Texas. Dipto working as Full stack developer in a software company. Bappy working as a freelancer in Upwork. Dipto has access Office resource like premium theme and plugin and source code. Few Days ago Dipto Developed E-commerce WordPress Theme for Office. Last day Bappy Got offer of E-commerce website development from fiverr but client requested Bappy to share some of e-commerce website he already developed for other clients as his portfolio, Bappy don't have any portfolio of doing e-commerce. So Bappy asked Dipto to Share some of  E-commerce website links he developed for the company. Dipto Denied to shared it. Because all sites are own by company and company intellectual property. Now judge Is Dipto take the right decision or wrong?

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Ashiks and Saniem two best friend live together in dhaka city. Ashiq  working as front end developer in a software company. Sanim working as a freelancer in fiverr. Ashik has access of  Office resources like premium theme and plugin and source code. Few Days ago Ashikq developed a E-commerce wordpress Theme for the Office. Last day Sanim Got a project of E-commerce from Fiverr. So Sanim asked to Ashik to Share any E-commerce theme and preimum plugin from his office resources. Now Ashik From Office resources shared a premium theme with Sanim. Is it Legal or illegal.

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Nabil work as a Business Developer In Robi Axiata Ltd. He knows all internal business trade information. One day Nabil's friend Iqbal  who worked in Grameen phone Ask Nabil What planning they going to execute in this coming 2022.  Nabil shared all internal plan and project documents with iqbal.  Now Grameenphone knows all the current and incoming strategy of Robi. is it ethically Right or Wrong?

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