What you need to know to pass the GED?

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Are you planning to sit for GED? Are you worried about how hard it is? Do not worry. Everything seems difficult in the initial stage. It gradually becomes easier.

GED is not free from this dilemma. It is not so hard. If it is too hard, 86% of people could not have completed it in 2013.

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Let’s explore

What is GED?

The term GED stands for General Education Development. It can be used as an alternative to high school. They are as follows:

  • RLA (Reasoning through Language Arts)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

If the examinee passes all the subjects, he will get a certificate. It works like an alternative to a high school diploma.

Many people dropout from high school. Later, they realize the necessity of a high school or equivalent certificate to get into a job or admit in college. Then, they apply for GED.

The GED was introduced to allow world war 2 veterans to get jobs or or apply for high study.

Structure of GED

Students have to use computers to participate in the GED exam. It includes four subjects. They are

  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Reasoning through Language Arts

The examinee has to sit for the exam for each subject separately. Students can take  the subjects all together or at different times. You can get an idea about structure from the following table.

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Passing Score of GED

Knowing passing scores can help you to set goals. Passing all four subjects results in a high school equivalent certificate. You also have the opportunity to attend college.

The examinee has to achieve 145 score in each subject to pass GED. If he can earn a higher score, it can help him to skip college admission tests.

However, achieving a 145 score does not allow him to enter college.

The student has to get more than 164 in any subject. Then, he is considered fit to enter a college. Moreover, achieving more than 175 score in any subject helps him to skip admission tests in some colleges as well as get a waiver of 10 college credit hours.

GED is Equivalent to High School Diploma

GED is equivalent to a high school diploma. High school diploma demonstrates that the students have completed all of the courses of traditional school. The GED test also demonstrates that the students have the same knowledge of high school graduates. Both of them can join a job and advance their career by applying for higher studies.

Retaking GED test

Well, you can sit for the exam again after failing the exam. Different states have different restrictions regarding waiting periods between the first and second attempt. You may have to wait for 3-60 days to take the exam for a second time depending on the state.

For example, students have to wait for sixty days after each failed attempt. Students can sit for exams three times in a year in many states such as Connecticut, Maryland, etc. However, if you fail a third time, you need to wait for sixty days to take the exam again.

How Much Does GED Cost?

The cost of GED is different in different states. The average cost is around 120 US Dollars. The cost may increase depending on your approach in preparing for the exam. For example, although free study materials are available, you may join any paid class for enhanced support from tutors.

Myth of GED

There are some myths regarding GED in the market. Let’s demystify them.
Such an truth is that some people believe the GED is lower compared to a high school diploma. It is completely incorrect. Both high school diplomas and GEDs are accepted by employers and colleges. GED shows that the graduates have the same level of skills and expertise as high school graduates.

Another myth is that people cannot complete the GED in old age. It is completely wrong. You can prepare for exams at any age. There is no relation between age and learning ability. Many people have passed it at the age of 70 or 90 years. So, if you are old, do not worry. Start preparing for the exam.

Many people spread false information that if you have dropped out from high school, you cannot complete GED. It is false information. About 20 million bohemians have completed it after leaving high school. So, do not worry you have left school at an early age. You can easily pass the GED.

Can You Attend an Online GED Test?

Yes, you can attend a GED test from your home. You need a computer, good internet and a webcam to attend the online test. Your age also should be 18 or higher to be eligible.

There are some rules for online tests. You should have a private room. The examiner should be able to see you. Scratch paper, physical calculator and headphones are not allowed. However, you can use an onscreen calculator and whiteboard.

You might be wondering if an online GED test certificate is valid or not. Do not worry. If you have received it from an official authority, it is valid and widely accepted.

Completing the GED: How long will it take?

The GED exam takes 7.5 hours to complete. The students can take all the tests at a time or on different days. The duration depends on how you plan to take the test.

How Long Should You Study for GED?

The study routine and how long you need to study depends on your ability. It is preferable to prepare thoroughly before the exam. An average student can study 90 minutes for four or five days in each week.

Take a mock test, find your strength and weakness and improve weak areas. You can prepare for all subjects and take the exam in a single day. You can also spread out tests and take preparation according to the date of test of subjects. For example, you can prepare for three weeks for individual subjects and sit for exams of individual subjects. Alternatively, you also can take three months to prepare for all the subjects and take the exam in a day.

Want to Get a Score in GED? Here’s How Long it Takes!

Usually, a student is expected to receive a GED score within a few hours. If he has not received it within a few hours, wait for 24 hours. Are you waiting more than 24 hours to get a GED score? Contact with the authority, if you are waiting for too long.

How Hard is GED in 2022?

It is not too hard to pass the GED in 2022. You can achieve a passing score by answering half of the questions. If you do not have preparation, the exam will definitely seem difficult. However, it sounds very easy after taking preparation. Knowing necessary skills and finding a good preparation programme make the test so easy.

How Can You Prepare for the Test?

You should practice before taking the GED exam. You can gain ideas on how to approach the challenge by reading in this article.

Do swot analysis

Find weak areas before taking preparation. You may be proficient in language but not in mathematics. So, study more math. You do not need to study all the subjects at the same level. Improve weak areas and polish strong areas.

It is a good idea to take a practice test to identify your strong and weak points. You can take some practice tests on some online websites. Pretty much everybody thinks that they are good at a certain subject. However, mock tests help us to identify on which subject we really have expertise. Then, we can work to improve our weak points.


mock tests also help us to track progress. If we study regularly but do not track progress, we will not understand that we are practicing in the right or wrong way.

Study Hard

Finding strength and weakness is not enough. The student should study hard. Memorizing is not a good way. Understand topics clearly. Make a study routine to study regularly. Practice study materials everyday to pass the exam.

Enroll in a Study Programme

Enrollment in a study program is required. If you cannot learn by yourself or stay motivated, study programmes can greatly help you. They will get you ready to pass the GED test.

Moreover, you get a study group. So, it helps you stay motivated with a group. Additionally, you can follow their study schedule with them.


Conclusion Finally, I’d like to state that GED is a simple program.. Students can easily pass it with good preparation regardless of their age. Take good preparation, work hard and try to pass with a good score. Good luck for a bright future.

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