11 Best Reasons Why Students Ignore Computer Science

Being a Highschool graduate and confused about what to choose as your degree? Wanting to know what will be best for you to get a degree in and having computer science as one of your options? Or you should Ignore Computer Science
Well, then you are in the right spot! Here you will know all the possible ways and the 11 best reasons why students ignore computer science degrees. Stick around, and you will learn all the reasons.
As the name indicates, Computer science includes studying computers and calculating the different foundational aspects of computers, theoretical and Algorithmic. Computer science’s main areas include Algorithms, web development, Database system, artificial intelligence, Hardware and software understanding, computation theory, and computer basic computer science.

There are several jobs offered to a CSE degree holder, such as the person can become a software engineer, software tester, web developer and Data scientist, etc. Some jobs are high-paying, but many students tend to overlook BSC degrees.

Why not computer science

Though we know a computer science degree, as the name implies, is all about studying computers, but being excellent in math for turning out to be a good CSE graduate is equally essential. Math works an imperative role in understanding the basic and complex concepts of computer science. Math can help you understand calculus, Programming, data structures, abstract language, using algorithms, and more. A person opting for a Computer science degree must have a clear understanding of discrete mathematics, calculus, probability, and statistic.WHY STUDENTS IGNORE COMPUTER SCIENCE DEGREES
Most of the students deny and back off to get a computer science degree. The reason is not only they think they are not strong in math and cannot solve logical and reasoning tasks. It can be a wise decision because even after being dull in math if you choose to opt for a computer science degree, it becomes challenging to succeed in this field. So, Ignoring computer science is better for you.

It’s Not Easy To Get a Job as You Think

Many big tech enterprises such as Google, Amazon, and Apple do not hire engineering students contributing to their increasing unemployment rate. The reason behind not hiring could be that they do not just look for a person’s degree but how skillful and well-versed a person is in the required field.
Most of the graduates usually do not have the right soft skills or lack the latest technologies because they traditionally do not bother to teach their student’s such soft skills. It is because of their outdated curriculum and stubborn nature of not paying heed to the fact that technology is evolving with every passing second, and to cope up with such evolution, the students must be trained beforehand.
The IT industry will not prefer to hire a person who has no clue about software development. Unaware of incorporating new strategies into the tech industry. These are usually high-paying jobs, so companies look for a highly proficient person throughout the globe who fits their requirements.
It is one of the key reasons students tend to ignore Computer science degrees because they are unsure about their future.

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A Challenging Subject Computer Science

It is highly believed in the world out there that Computer science stands to be the most challenging field and discipline to learn because of its highest dropout rate.  Students choose a major according to their ease or the skill-set that they are gifted with, so they do not have any difficulty in the future with studying the subject they choose.
Studying computer, coding, programming, algorithmic processes, and other confusing things can perplex and puzzle out the students who might lose interest and hope. Computer science requires a specific set of uncommon abilities to learn with utmost hard work and patience. Still, the students usually become frustrated in the middle because they want immediate results. If you want to master anything, you need to spend at least 1000 hours as a normal student. You need patience and good guideline to do good at computer science unless you are born-talented.
Students, especially those who don’t interest in all these techy things, completely overlook this major and see some other majors that can efficiently be dealt with.

No Appropriate skill and Lacking in Training

Many people around the world do not have access to computers and other computing things. When such a person (student) chooses to get Computer science degrees, he faces many journeys. Also, most teaching institutes either do not have the proper teaching faculty or the capabilities and capacities for students’ training.
In the job sector, Students are not aware of the working skills. Because of that, they face lots of difficulties in their job. Since they did not have their basic computer science developed in that particular field, which might lead them to opt for an opposite skill set, they usually tend to have many problems dealing with the most straightforward concepts.
It becomes one of the core reasons why the students do not continue their journey as Computer Scientists and give up in the middle. Hence, ignoring the major of computer science and continuing with other majors.

A Computer Science degree is not mandatory For Programmer

If someone is passionate about coding, then he/she does not necessarily need to choose a Computer science degree. The reason is they can quickly learn coding from a coding Bootcamp in a short time. On the other hand, getting a proper university degree requires a longer duration of almost four years.
The other factor is the tuition fee, which is much higher in universities than in any Boot camp. In reality, the top companies do not need any degree to join their company. They just want high IT skills and a professional programmer. You can even work with Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc without any degree. Even, there are lots of companies who hire a professional programmer (without check their degree) to train their workers. But you need that level of skills to get your dream job.
So, students try to save their time and money efficiently by not opting for a Computer science degree which is absolutely a wise choice.

Which one is good? Business vs Computer science

Business studies are considered easy compared to Computer science because their curriculum is not too hard. With focus, hard work, and planning, one can quickly excel in this field. Even there are also perfect career choices for BBA graduates. In computer science, not everyone can find it easy because discipline, patience, and hard work are immense in this field, and not everyone can handle it. It is complicated for people with no background knowledge about the subject.
It is usually observed that business skills are a lot easier to develop on your own than programming skills. Business includes also a lot of common sense. Their business ideas and opportunities are a lot with some skills. For Computer science, one must have some of the uncommon abilities. It can be one reason why students opt for business as a major rather than choosing Computer science.

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Math vs. Computer science

Math is pretty classic, whereas Computer science is a mixture of engineering, empirical sciences, and Math. To be proficient in Computer sciences, one should be good at all the mentioned subjects.
It creates a lot of confusion in students’ minds, and it is seen that even a person with good math skills suffers in coping up with studying BSC science. It leads to drop out of many students in the middle of a degree and choosing some other field.

Computer science is a Stressful Major

Computer science can be very challenging for beginners because they cannot manage their time and spend hours learning a simple concept. Some students’ learning way is also not intelligent because they do not incorporate the practical application of what they know and retain very little of what they are taught. Things pile up at the end, and the exam season is quite stressful for such students. It can be pretty boring because there are different aspects that one has to learn to get a degree. Even if you are not interested in learning that particular niche.

Lack of Advice from Seniors

Advice from seniors can be very vital for stressful students who have no clue about Computer science degrees. Unfortunately, there is little exposure of such students with their senior or do not consider it essential to have a proper career counseling talk with their senior.
A talk with a senior who has been through the same situation might be a turning point for such students, but unfortunately, due to lack of awareness about it, students ignore such fields in which they have no proper guidance.


It is a valid observation that students graduating from top-notch computer science schools have an easy time finding a job. In contrast, those graduating outside this top-notch clubface much more difficulties unless they are God-gifted in their skill set.
Even if a student is interested in considering Computer science as a major and if he/she fails to get admission in their dream institute, then such a student usually does not choose it as a major in any other institute which is not up to the standard of the tech industry.  One of the significant failures of IT institutes is that there is more emphasis on the traditional, outdated learning methods that favor more theoretical-based studies than the practical application of what has been taught. The academic language taught that students have no practical application in the real world, often baffling students when they land into a realistic world.

Lack of a Gender-neutral environment

There is a lack of a gender-neutral environment in the IT and tech industries. Many anti-woman cultures have been reported since women make up one of the significant portions of graduates in any field.
So if they are not hired even after meeting up the job requirements, a male with the same qualification is given preference. The number of students opting for a Computer science degree will be reduced.
In the end, I would like to add that always choose a major based on your passion. Because when you are passionate about something, you do it with all your heart. And that’s all that matters and becomes a way of your real success. We wish you to choose the best of degrees!

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