How Do I Start Preparing for a Quiz for College Students?

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We are born to learn. Regularly, a student has to attend various tests including many quiz exams. It helps us to evaluate our knowledge and explore ourselves. As a result, we get an idea about our knowledge level and start to improve it.

The students are scared to pass the quiz exam. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about

ge-students-failing-class/"> 30 % of students fail an exam.

Let’s explore how a student can get good marks to pass a quiz exam in this article.

Prepare for a Quiz Exam

Students have to attend various quiz tests in college or university. They have to prepare for the exam to get good marks.

Follow the following tips to prepare for the quiz test:

Exam Format

First, know about the exam format. It helps you to plan the process of preparation.

Collect Questions

Collect the previous test questions from seniors. Analyze the common questions. Then, prioritize studying them first.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis

Then, find out the strong and weak areas. Identify what subject you are good and weak in. Then, improve the weak areas. However, do not forget to revise strong areas. Often, we think that we are confident enough that we are best on a particular subject. But, later we found out that we were wrong after taking the test.

Mock Test

A study in 2013 found that students who participated in mock tests can get good marks in the actual test. So, Practice questions participating in mock tests. Then, study those topics which you answered incorrectly. You also can make a strategy to answer questions within time.

Consult with Teachers 

Discuss with teachers to know about exam topics and format. You can also take assistance to understand any complicated topic.

Take Note

Take notes on important facts from class. You can take notes of important historical events, scientific formulas, various complicated terms and so on.

Study in a Group

Group study is effective for any test. The students can discuss complicated topics among themselves to understand easily. They can take tests of each other as well for better preparation.

Study Hard 

Study consistently and regularly.

Study Strategy for the Quiz Exam

Students should follow some strategies to study for the exam. It includes but is not limited to using flashcards to memorize information, studying in a calm environment, revising two or three times and so on.

Select a Study Area 

Find a calm place to study for the test. Studying in a silent room helps you to study with full concentration.


Flashcards are very useful to memorize points. We have to memorize many things. Often we struggle to retain them. So, flashcards help us to revise points within a short time.


Acronyms are another great way to memorize points. Make a new phrase or sentence of the first letter of each piece of information. For example, asap is an acronym. It means as soon as possible. It is a simple example of an acronym. You can make some more creative acronyms.

Study Early and Revise Topics

Do not start preparing before the night of the exam. If possible, start before a week. Revise study materials as much as possible before the test for long retention.

Memorization Technique

Do not memorize blindly. First, understand the topic and then memorize it. You also can break topics in small parts. Then, memorize it. Also ask yourself questions and match answers with books after answering yourself. Additionally, try to explain to someone. It will help you to understand whether you are clear enough about the topic or not. Moreover, if you discuss with your classmates, you may get different perspectives.

Take Preparation Before Night

Often students procrastinate to study daily. Then, they regret before the night that they have not taken any preparation. They get overwhelmed with lots of study materials.

Do not worry. It is easy to prepare before the exam night. First, take a breath. Yes, you are late but not too late. You have some time to prepare for the test..

Take preparation before night following following tips:

Reduce Destruction

Stay away from all the destruction. Otherwise, you may not be able to focus on your studies. You won’t be prepared to study quickly or properly as a result.

Eat Food

Eat some healthy foods. It will give you energy for study.

Begin Study

Now, start studying. Collect study notes from friends. If possible, study in a group.

Create Sequence for Study

Prioritize study topics. Do not read everything. First, study those topics which have a high possibility of appearing in the test. Then, read the rest of the things.

Memorize and Discuss with Friends

Memorize as many topics as possible. Discuss topics with friends which you have memorized.

Take Break

Do not hesitate to take breaks. You may think that you will waste time taking breaks. However, you are wrong. Taking a break helps to memorize points easily. Follow pomodoro technique. Set 20 – 25 minutes for a task. Take a break for five minutes after twenty to twenty five minutes. Follow the same format for four to five times. Then, take a break for thirty minutes. Stay focused in the blocked time of twenty to twenty five minutes.


In the end, I want to say that it is necessary to prepare before a quiz exam. You can take a good preparation following some strategy such as scan previous question, understand exam format, take notes and study regularly and strategically.


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