15 Best Ways To Earn Money Both Online and Offline

It doesn’t take long to get that feeling of curiosity return. Once the spark has been re-ignited in you, there’s no limit as to what can happen! Just think about all of your neighbors and what they do on a daily or monthly basis. What services could provide for them? The sky is the limit when it comes down to earning potential – so start thinking big today! Dunitask is here with the 15 best ways to earn more money both online and offline. Here we go.

Trading electronic stuff & used phones

Trading electronics

If you have a used mobile phone or game station system (PS4/PS5), you can sell it on sites. You can look into a trade program, which pays participants and offers money for your gadget.

Direct Selling Method:  You might not know this, but you can make some serious cash by selling your used gadgets on the Internet. The best part about it is that once a sale has been made, payment will be transferred to your account as soon as possible – which means that there are no inconvenient check-writing or waiting periods!

You capture photos of your phone, confirm ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is pretty clean, and post your listing. Some sites will review and approve postings, where the time is negligible. You will be paid as fast as the item is sold.

Selling to Reseller Method: Starting out as a manufacturer and seller of mobile phones, you can make yourself even more profitable by selling to resellers. First, you need to ship your products off-shore where they are inspected before payment is made via check or online paying process depending on the arrangement with the reseller party in question.


Ride sharing To Earn Money

The ride-sharing industry is booming. Get paid to drive strangers around in your own vehicle! You can earn up to $1,000 a week by driving for Lyft or Uber and these companies will pay you instantly via a debit card with no hassle at all. Keep few things in mind – keep fuel costs down (gas, octane, diesel), maintain the car so it’s functional and ready when needed as this company does background checks on drivers before hiring them; make sure that an agreement of liability has been made between the driver(you)and passenger who may get into accidents during their rides while being driven by someone else than themselves).

Make sure also that insurance coverage from other sources would cover any damages if they occur since there are often many these companies can pay instantly via debit card or transfer your income to your bank account very quickly. You have to keep few things in mind as –

  •  Loading fuel (gas, octane, diesel, etc.) and maintenance costing. 
  •  Owning a functional car,
  •  An agreement with the company for background checking,
  •  Sharing a review of your driving history with the company. 
  •  Don’t forget to notify the car insurance company about start driving. 

Making deliveries

Nowadays the delivery trend is overgrowing, and you can be part of this to make some side income. – You have to sign up with an app or service that delivers products  to people’s homes/offices (depending on what type of product is being delivered) which usually take anywhere from 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on how close they live nearby your location;
-A smartphone is essential as it helps process each order quickly and efficiently; It also allows companies like UberEats, Postmates & DoorDash to make sure drivers don’t steal food items.

  •  You will have to sign up for a service.  
  •  A smartphone is essential to accept and process deliveries. 
  •  You’ll need a means of transport to deliver products. It could be a bike, scooter, or car, depending on the company. To make deliveries, few companies will allow you to use a motorcycle or scooter. 
  •  Payment procedure varies by companies like daily, weekly, or twice a week.

YouTube videos

Live streaming on Facebook or YouTube

A smartphone is a powerful tool of the 21st century.  No matter where you are, with some videography skills and your phone as an extension to capture high-resolution videos at any time for YouTube, there’s nothing stopping you from sharing any topic in which sphere of expertise that interests you: cooking or gaming or tech news – anything! You may be surprised by how many people actually donate money on Youtube too.

When live streaming events like sports games while broadcasting them through social media platforms like Facebook Live & Twitter Periscope, it can lead to significant amounts being donated overnight without having spent much promotional effort beforehand! With some videography skills, you can use your smartphone to make videos for YouTube. You can film from anywhere with high-resolution cameras. Usually, smartphones contain high-resolution cameras. These videos can be about any topic in which sphere you are skilled, like sports, gaming, cooking, Tech related, educational, etc.

You can receive donations on Youtube! Did you know? By adding this feature, receiving the donation is an extra way to generate passive income. In live streaming, you will notice the amounts rise significantly. You will have to build a large number audience firstly. So, you can assume that they will give you something. Isn’t it cool? Say, for example, you do a one-hour live stream in which you have a Q&A session (answering questions). Here you can earn a pretty extra cent with this. Besides, you’ll be able to view the live stream again later, where you can place advertisements all over again. If you repeatedly merge regular videos with live streams, you’ll be able to earn money in two ways simultaneously.

E-book writing

E-book writing on e-reader sites

You might be thinking “I have a passion for writing, but how can I make money from it?” Well, don’t worry because there are many ways to use your love of the written word. You could write an original and sell it on your website or you may find success by selling e-books online that contain any topic as long as you know about what you’re talking about! Whatever route is best for you, just remember happy writing!

Sell your Photos & Video footages

Selling video's online

If you are good at taking pictures or recording footage, then you can gain money from this passion. There are lots of sites that allow you to upload your photos and footage. These sites have massive user bases. People usually do visit, and if anyone does license your photo, you will be paid!

At a point, you’ll create your stock portfolio, where you need to spend a lot of time. You may browse through the marketplaces above to find the most popular styles. Finally, you can create your niche and upload it frequently. Make a better portfolio, increase chances of success!

It’s not only about making money; it’s a matter of honor also. Using your good-quality video clips and photos, you can build a fanbase for your work.

Customer Support Jobs

Customer Support Jobs to Earn money

The Internet makes the world connected. With the progress of internet-based businesses, people are becoming more independent. They are earning plenty of money from the internet nowadays.

Besides, these jobs can be both online and offline. You can support the customer services from home or being at an office following company policies. Both day & night shift exists for this type jobs. Find which shift and company suits you, make your career fruitful!

Supermarket Jobs

super market jobs for students

Whether you’re a student searching for the easiest ways to how to earn money offline to start a career, grocery stores provide a spread of employment prospects. Open schedule availability will increase probabilities for hire, as several grocery stores keep open late at midnight or throughout weekends and holidays.

Entry-level grocery positions typically don’t need candidates who hold previous work expertise or high school diplomas, although some employers might favor pursuing candidates with formal educations.


Whenever it comes to earning money as a student, tutoring jobs are a way to make income without a long-term commitment. In this case, whether you’re a college student or a teacher, it doesn’t matter much. 

For tutoring cases, the academic background is needed for the subject you want to tuition. Patience, communication skills, and minimal experience are required for tutor jobs.

Teacher’s Assistant Jobs

If you’re studious, disciplined, and brainstorm about the best ways to make passive income, the Teacher’s Assistant job is perfect for you! What does a teacher’s assistant do? A teacher’s assistant informs a lead teacher and insists the lead teacher runs smoothly by taking on everyday classroom tasks in the lead teacher’s way. 

An assistant teacher’s daily tasks include performing clerical duties like recording attendance, grading exams, and home tasks. The payment system depends on university policies.

Developing online courses

Developing online courses to earn easy money

This is the most trendy way to make money online. Amongst online passive income ideas, conducting online courses is both smarter and honorable. If you’re dynamic at something, making an online course for this is more stylish. Out there remains a lot of websites with millions of students looking for new online classes every day.

You can conduct a study plan for these guys as well as sell courses. There are plenty of sales channels to sell an online course; use Google to find what suits you best and earn money with that. You can also categorize your programs as free, standard & premium by fixing these packages’ reasonable prices. In this way, people will quickly grab courses by their capability.

See also:

Stock Investment

Buying stocks is also part of passive income online for a long period. Here the process is – you buy shares and claim a part of the profit after a certain period.

If you’re about to buy shares, keep in mind that you are buying shares from reliable companies which are likely to generate fruitful profit! Your earnings depend on the amount of money you have been provided. When you become a master at how stock markets working, your predictions will be more appropriate.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re a highly organized, meticulous person who knows how to use all the office software platforms, becoming a virtual assistant could be something for you. LinkedIn and personal networks are great places to find clients looking for assistance in this area of work as well!  Virtual assistant’s work responsibilities include general bookkeeping, entering data, managing emails, research, etc. 

This profession can be an excellent way to earn money online and contact essential people as well. Nowadays, a bunch of small business owners is dropping the idea of taking full-time team members. They prefer virtual assistants for their tasks.

Teaching University/College students

During university or College break time, students pass their free time by gossiping, chatting, gaming, etc. You can pick that time and teach students in that free time. At first, you need to reach them in your convenient way (online or offline), convince them to learn (the subject you will conduct), and advertise yourself. If you don’t want to waste your valuable time, You can get ideas to earn money in university life. If you are well-versed in an area like science or mathematics and have a knack for tutoring children, you can easily earn some side hustle income by becoming a virtual tutor also.

Delivering Accessories for University/College projects

delivering accessories for earn money

Those who always think about how to earn money offline, It’s the best idea for them. When students are studying, they often need other things such as books, computers, and supplies. But sometimes it’s hard for them to get what they need because of the high price tag on most items. In every educational institute, there happen many projects like DIY projects, microcontroller-based projects, science projects, etc. You can provide equipment for these projects as a circuit board, ultrasonic sensor, ready-made projects, etc. You can collect products from wholesale or retailers and give parts to students with a convenient profit.  


You can always do a brainstorm and find a suitable way to how to earn money offline. Just make sure that your works are worth reading/watching/learning. When you can turn your passion to make money, possibilities can be endless!   Just take a break and think deeply about people living around you. Which services do they need daily/monthly? In those, which services can you provide for them?  If you think about these through virtual reality, find out which online services you can provide. The epic earning tricks lie within your brain! Just find it out and hit it. Happy earning! 


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I’m Nahian Ahammed, a seasoned Educational and Personal Development Consultant with 6 years of hands-on experience. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from IUB. My journey involves guiding individuals on their educational and personal growth paths through various projects and consultations. I am dedicated to empowering others to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find joy in exploring new insights in educational methodologies and staying abreast of the latest trends in personal development. Let’s embark on a journey of learning and growth together.

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