Why study in Australia and not other countries?

Studying in Australia is a dream for many students. Especially, for the students of the Pacific Ocean. They have grown up beholding the dream. For us, it’s not only the chance of traveling, seeing new cultures, creating memories, and making new friends. It’s the chance of setting a career overseas. Or in other words, you can say, it’s an opportunity to set a better career. 

Australia assumed as the best destiny for international students. For many years, the country has kept its reputation. There, some prestigious universities can create a phenomenal atmosphere for your career. As it is the third most established destination for scholars, it’s a triumph to get a scholarship in Australia.

With lots of opportunities to choose your desired university and subject, you don’t have to find a better reason. Being there, you can wander as much as you want in some beautiful places and get a high-quality educational environment. And, at the end of the day, it will be considered as one of your best achievements of yours.

You might be trying to figure out how to get there, right? Don’t plunge into thoughts. We will cover you up with every detail you need. There are some issues with the visa, insurances, and money though we will provide adequate information on it. So, keep reading the article till the end and know more regarding the topic. 

What is Study in Australia and How is it Organized

Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere located entirely within the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and other minor islands. The neighboring countries of Australia are Indonesia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea to the north; the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to the northeast; and New Zealand to the southeast.

It is a beautiful country with a lot of opportunities for students who want to explore other cultures. The Australian government has many scholarship programs available for international students. Students can check out their study abroad scholarships page for more information.

How to Choose the Best University for You in Australia

Choosing a university is a big decision that will affect your future. It’s important to know what you want from your degree and the university before you start looking at rankings and course offerings.

This section will help you decide which of the top universities in Australia is the best for you.

Studying abroad is a huge investment, and many students may not have the financial means to do so. Fortunately, there are a number of different opportunities for financing studying abroad.

What are the Financial Requirements of Studying Abroad?

Some students may be eligible for government-sponsored or private scholarships that provide funding from a variety of sources. There are also some private organizations that offer loans to help finance the cost of studying abroad, as well as options for working abroad to earn money while studying.

How Much Would it Cost to Live & Study on an Average Monthly Budget?

The cost of living in Australia is high, but the quality of life is also high. You can study at any university you want with a student visa. The most popular universities are the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, and Australian National University.

Students who want to study in Australia should budget for their living expenses as well as their tuition fees. The cost of living varies depending on where you live and what you eat. Students who live in cities like Sydney or Melbourne will spend more on rent than those who live in regional areas like Brisbane or Perth.

Students also need to budget for travel costs, food costs, and other expenses that are not included in tuition fees or rent.

There are many factors that contribute to the total cost of living for students studying at the Australian

What Do I Need for University Australia?

If the gigantic deserts and the kangaroos haven’t impressed you yet, you’ve plenty of reasons to study in Australia. Including its cultural diversity, friendly inhabitants, beautiful nature, and high-quality study system, Australia has many things to offer you. Here, we discussed a few things that might answer the question of why study abroad in Australia?

Aspired destination

 For its beautiful nature, excellent study system, and high standard lifestyle, many scholars dream of Australia. Over with top-ranked 43 universities and 22,000 courses, the country provides lots of options to choose your desired university and subject. 

There are plenty of options for choosing your dream university and subject as well as job opportunities. With the availability of some well-known universities and courses, you will definitely find your reasonable cause to study here. Studying at some prominent universities in Australia, you will also be able to tour one of the most gorgeous states in the world.

Cultural diversity

The world’s most amazing cultural variety is found in Australia. The assortment of Australian culture creates an innovative environment for scholars. Tourists from almost 200 countries have migrated to Australia because of the diversity of its culture. Just like its national emblems kangaroo, the Australian culture is forward-moving and outward-looking. 

Furthermore, it is an English-spoken country. So, your concern about language problems will be released. 


Australia is known for its appealing progress in science and technology. The improvement in technology takes the country into a higher position. For international students, Australia’s most appealing aspect is the emphasis on scientific research. Scholars can take the advantage of its outstanding resources and technology. And they can go with the flow of the modern era. 

Sun, sea, and sand

 Students’ life is not only about studying hard. You’re also welcome to Australia to enjoy nature. Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and famously warm climate. For relaxing, you can take a sunbathe lying down on the beach or observe the dusk on the sea. 

The standard Academic life 

The Standard level of Australian education is another fact that might come into your consideration. In fact, it is the main thing you should give thought to. 

The education system in Australia offers more degrees according to your interest. As we’ve mentioned above, you can choose a particular lesson amongst 22,000 courses. You can choose between universities, English language training, or vocational education, whatever you want. Furthermore, scholars can easily change their chosen subject without trouble. So, there’s a lot more opportunity with lots of flexibility. 

Australia Study Visa Requirements

Visa Processing &  Requirements 

The first thing for a trip to Australia or any other country is to secure a valid visa. What kind of Visa you want depends on your age, your travel time, and your subject of study. scholars surely need a valid visa. A student visa will let you stay in Australia during your study procedures which are almost 5 years.  

    • Proof of enrolment letter. (Electronic confirmation)
    • A valid passport. 
    • Genuine Temporary Entrant
    • Academic documents. 
    • Testimony of English skills. (For example, IELTS test score.) 
    • Information on financial ability. 
    • Passport-sized photograph. 
    • Health insurance policy. 
    • Statement of purpose. 
    • No criminal records

For more details, you can check out visa details and conditions to insure for applying for a visa to study in Australia.

Note: The process may take 9 to 12 months to get an Australian visa. And the price varies depending on the type of your visa.

Student visas Australia

Visa type Visa Fee (AUD) Additional applicant charge 

18 and over

Additional applicant charge under 18 Subsequent temporary application charge
Student Visa AUD630 AUD470 AUD155 AUD700
Student Guardian AUD630 nil nil AUD700
Temporary Graduate visa AUD1,680 AUD840 AUD425 N/A

Visa paying methods

There are various ways to pay visa fees. Online payment is the safest and fastest method for paying for a visa or citizenship. To pay the visa fee, you need to create an IMMIAccount. All online payments will be charged in Australian dollars. You need to tell your financial institution before paying for a visa. You can also pay other applicants via Credit Card, PayPal, Unionpay, or BPAY.

Financial bank statement to pursue to study in Australia

Assuring financial bank statements is necessary to pursue study in Australia. You have to prove that you are capable of living in Australia for one year including education, travel as well as living expenses. It depends on the country of passport and the course that you are applying for, you may need to provide the proof upfront.

1 Year Cost (Average) Cost (AUD)
Students 21041$A
Partners along with you 7362$A + 21041$A
Child along with you 7362$A +  21041$A

Embassy available in your country

Though Australia doesn’t have consulate offices in every country. But you can get the services from a Canadian embassy. Australia has 54 embassies and 105 consulates all over the world. 

 Apply for studying abroad with your family

Most of the student visas have permission to bring family members to Australia as your dependants. Every visa has some conditions about what you can do in Australia. When you are applying for your student visa, you need to provide a list of dependent family members.

Firstly, you need to approve your application to the Department of Home Affairs, including the dependents on your visa application. For more information, you can visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs to see if you’re eligible to bring your family with you. 

Tuition programs

Australia is a bit expensive. Yet if you can plan your budget right, it becomes affordable. The first thing you should carefully look after is the expenses of institutions. The tuition fees, room and abroad, and the administration fees are a little higher in Australia.

When calculating the expenses, consider in which city you are going to live. And all the things have to be analyzed carefully. Here, we have discussed everything one by one so that you can have a clear idea of which things you should consider most. 

 Australian universities have minimum admission requirements of at least from 2.5 GPA. But for more competitive educational programs, a GPA of 3 or above is appreciated.

The tuition fee is your main priority. 

The expenses of your tuition fee depend on the university you study at. For example, the cost of a veterinary and medical degree is higher than the other courses. The average tuition fee in Australia’s tertiary institutions is around 15,000 USD to 25,000 USD. Here, we’ve made a chart of tuition fees in Australia of different levels. 

Study program The average fee in USD
School $6,000 to $23,000 Annually.  
English language studies $250 to $350 weekly. 

(Varies depend on course length)

Vocational education and training $3,000 to $17,000 Annually 
Undergraduate bachelor’s degree $11,500 to $27,000 Annually
Postgraduate master’s degree $15,500 to 32,500 Annually 
Doctoral degree $15,500 to 32,500 Annually (Scholarship available) 


Most of the universities in Australia have two semesters in a year. But a few universities have three. The University of New south wales, the University of Canberra, CQUniversity, Bond University, Griffith University have three semesters in their tradition. 

Semester one: If you’re familiar with the semester system in Australia you would know the first semester in Australian universities starts in February. And there is a two-week-long break in April which is considered the long weekend of a semester. Then, at the end of June, or maybe at the starting of may, the unit exam is held. 

Semester two: After a few months of vacation, the second semester starts in August. With two weeks of break, it concludes in November. If there’s any exam scheduled, it is held from late November to mid-December. And then, you’ll have an 8-weeks-long semester break before the next semesters in the following year. 

Trimesters: Trimesters mean three semesters in a year. As we spoke, there are a few universities that follow trimesters’ rules. Trimester systems finish your course 30% faster than the usual semester system. 

Summer semester: The concept of the summer semester is dissimilar and interesting. Scholars who missed their previous semester’s classes, in any case, can use summer vacation to cover it up. Enrolling in a summer semester, scholars can reduce pressure from the years to come. Students who enroll in summer semesters get no gap between semesters and get enough space in between semesters to compete for their tasks. 

Applying to Australian Universities

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is a public university. It is placed in the capital city of Queensland in Brisbane. The University offers education in various sectors such as Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, Doctoral, Higher doctorate degrees, etc. In sports-related subjects, it took place at number 2 at world ranking. 

The university also ranked at the top in various engineering subjects. Its standpoint is number 3 in mining and minerals engineering. The main priority of this university is research in science, medicines, and technology. 

Study in Australia presentation in university

UQ is ranked 48th and one of the most reputed universities in the world. The administration fee it takes is 100 USD. And the university charges 25,800 US dollars a year as a tuition fee. 

Entry Requirement of Queensland University

To get admitted to Queensland University, you need to meet all the requirements for your specific program. For all of the programs, Here is the Academic requirements PDF

Financial support

To reduce the academic costs, Queensland University offers 

Financial Help Loan system: If any international students need financial support, here are the applying process and terms:

You need to submit an online application. You need to provide the following documents-

identification: Your student ID number, driver’s license, passport

Income Source: You need to provide 2 payslips or a current Centrelink Income Statement

Bank statement: Past 3 months bank account statements 

Invoice of financial need: Provide invoice or bill from financial assistance.


Queensland University provides scholarships depending on subjects. Before applying for a scholarship, You need to make sure to follow these terms:

  • If you get an awarded Scholarship, The recipient may hold the scholarship for up to four years, subject to the recipient –
  • Enrolled full-time in a Relevant Field
  • An overall GPA of at least 4  

The University of Queensland is ranking worldwide for Biodiversity Conservation. Because of incredible success and underscores the impressive research to protect the world’s species.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public university founded in 1853. The university is the second oldest public university in Australia located in Melbourne. In 2021, it ranked 31st globally. The University has the highest admission requirements than any other reputed university throughout the world.

The University of Melbourne offers nine traditional degrees with qualified staff and technologies. In the Australian national university ranking, it stands at number 3. And it is ranked 41st in the worldwide ranking. 

The university costs 100 dollars for the application fee and 41,068 dollars for the tuition fee in a year. 

Entry Requirement of Queensland University

To get admitted to Melbourne University, You need to meet all the requirements for your specific program. For all of the programs, Here is the Academic requirements PDF

Financial support

To reduce academic costs, Melbourne University offers 

Commonwealth Supported Students: If any student is enrolled in commonwealth support, his/her fees will be funded by the Australian Government. Australian Government pays your fees to the university. But you have to pay the remaining fees as a student contribution. For your tuition fees, you have to pay the Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF).

You need the following requirements to get commonwealth supported students:

  1. Must be an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder
  2. Student identification
  3. Provide citizenship or residency information
  4. Get a valid Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form


The scholarship is really important for every international student. Melbourne University provides scholarships depending on the criteria. To get scholarship payments, you must have an Australian bank account and a local contact address. To apply for a scholarship.

The University of Melbourne is best for accounting and finance because of its quality and strong graduate outcomes. If you want to become a qualified accountant, choosing Melbourne university is the right path.

The University of Canberra

UC is a public university located in the city of Bruce, Canberra. It provides education based on UG and PG courses, Science and Technology, Art and Design, Health, etc. The University of Canberra takes no application fee while it takes 26,800 USD as a tuition fee for an entire year. 

Academic Courses

Canberra university offers world-class expertise and experience in education. This university provides 200 courses like study business, law, or politics, foster your creative flair with arts and design, or work in sport, science, technology, health, or more.

University of Canberra Course

Entry Requirement of Canberra University

 To get admitted to CanberraUniversity, You need to meet all the requirements for your specific program. 

Financial support

Canberra University provides hundreds of scholarships for international students. They also support the students who are at a financial disadvantage. 

Students loan: The Australian Government funding course fee loans for eligible students including HECS-HELP, OS-HELP, FEEL-HELP, and SA-HELP.

Scholarship for international students: You don’t need to submit any documents for a scholarship. You will be asked some questions about the application when applying.

Centrelink assistance: Centrelink assistance gives eligible students financial funds for study costs.

The University of Canberra is a specialist in sports, education, and health. This university is considered to be the home of creative education. It is also famous for its world-class research center which makes it the best choice for many international students.

The Victoria University

Victoria University is a public research university. It is established in Melbourne. This popular university offers a TAFE program which means Technology and Further Education. We can say, it’s a university that provides education relevant to technology and information. To study at this university, you have to count 28,600 USD in a year. And the application fee is only $127. 

Academic courses

Find the best course and guide for your career.


The victoria university is famous for engineering courses like Mechanical, Electrical and civil. This university provides high technology labs and a world-class research community.

Entry Requirement of Victoria University

To get admitted to Victoria University, You need to meet all the requirements for your specific program. For all of the programs.

Financial support

To reduce the academic costs, Victoria university offers 

  1. Higher Education SA Loan 
  2. Scholarships
  3. Centrelink

The Griffith University

GU is a public research university in Southeast Queensland. Griffith University provides education in business and government, criminology and law, humanity and languages, engineering and information technology, planning and agriculture, science, and aviation, etc. It takes 50 dollars as an application fee and 29,500 USD as a tuition fee for a year. 

Academic Courses

Griffith University providing students world-class experience and education to the students. Here is the course guide pdf-


Griffith University is famous for nursing and midwifery. It’s ranked number 1 university in Australia. You will be able to learn out of the classroom, gaining hands-on experience through placements in community health organizations and hospitals.

Entry Requirement of Griffith University

To get admitted to Griffith University, You need to meet all the requirements for your specific program. 

Financial support

To reduce the academic costs, Griffith University offers 

  1. Student guild support
  2. Scholarships
  3. Centrelink

Low Fee Universities in Australia

Despite costing a good amount of money, Australian universities attract enormous students every year throughout the world. Seven Australian universities are ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world. As they are the best, their tuition fees are a bit higher. However, we tried to let you know about some of the cheap universities in Australia. Take a look at the next list. 

The University of Sunshine Coast

At The University of Sunshine coast, students get a friendly environment for study. The university provides lots of options for students to choose their favorite subject. Their highly qualified teachers, world-class technology provides standard education at a cheap rate. 

Tuition fee per year

Science : $28,000 annual fee. 

Business : $24,000 annual fee. 

Arts : $24,000 annual fee. 

The University of Southern Queensland

The University of Southern Queensland believes that every student has a role to play in our society. It is located in Toowoomba. It is also considered one of the cheapest universities in Australia. Its tuition fees for all departments are mentioned below. 

Tuition fee per year 

Business : $24,400 annual fee. 

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics: $32,000 annual fee. 

Arts : $24,400 annual fee. 

The Charles Darwin University

With qualified staff and standard academic excellence, Charles Darwin University offers a comfortable and welcoming environment to its students. It is known as the most multicultural university in Australia. Despite all that, the university charges less penny than others. 

Tuition fee per year Science : $32,336 annual fee.  Business : $26,776 annual fee.  Arts : $25,338 annual fee.  Computer science : $29,616 annual fee.  Law : $26,968 annual fee. 

The University of New England

It is one of the most experienced providers of distance education in Australia. The university provides 200+ courses to study either online or on campus. And it is one of the cheapest. 

Tuition fee per year 

Business : $26,250 annual fee. 

STEM : $29,400 annual fee. 

Arts : $24,990 annual fee. 

The Western Sydney University

With lots of unlimited potentialities, the university takes care of plenty of students. The university has the reputation of having a success-oriented and admirable goal. And guess what, it offers affordable tuition fees. 

Tuition fee per year

Computer science : $30,840 annual fee. 

Business : $28,080 annual fee. 

Engineering Science : $33,000 annual fee. 

Arts : $26,240 annual fee. 


Australia offers internship programs in almost all academic areas. The internships of Australia offer highly structured coaching in the workplace, benefiting both candidates and organizations.

The internship of Australia transmits innovative work experience through ‘hands-on’ training for real-world experience. Australian Internships separately assigns appropriate host companies for each candidate. Every program is arranged on a case-by-case basis. The program assure that it is building matches for candidates according to their background. 

The main priority of the internship program is training and getting firsthand knowledge. 

Internship courses

If you want to boost your career in a friendly fascinating country, Australia is the perfect choice you can make. Australian internship qualifies the participant by achieving professional experience in their field almost in every necessary context. Internship in Australia takes 6 weeks to 6 months. It allows you to choose the task that suits you the best.

What included- 

Category 1- Common field: 

Business Administration, Event Management, Advertising, Finance, Human Resources, Import/Export, Hospitality, Marketing, Market Research, IT, Public relations, Legal, Logistics, NPO, Sports/Fitness, Real State, Travel, and tourism. 

Category 2- Non-common field: 

Education Administration, Biological Research, Architecture, Engineering, Bio-pharma, Pharmaceutical, Phycology, Interior Design, Fashion, Insurance, Environmental, Manufacturing, Media/Arts/Entertainment, Journalism, Environmental, Telecommunications, TV/Film, and others.

List of cities:

In which city are you going to live is a must considered thing. Studying in Australia is an expensive country to live in. You have to be clear about the city you’re going to live in and your budget. Australia’s costs, rents, and conditions depend on the places where you want to study. Here, we will show you what are the best cities in Australia to study.

Adelaide- Starting from 1000 USD a month. 

Brisbane- Starting from 1100 USD a month.

Melbourne- Starting from 1200 USD a month. 

Canberra- Starting from 1100 USD a month. 

Australia has some of the top-ranked universities on its own. Study at them, you have to count an amount of money. Paying a big amount of money while studying in Australia’s top-ranked universities, is a common thing. Despite the higher living expenses and university fees, plenty of international students are enrolled in Australian universities every year. 

As it is the third-ranked country in education, Australia provides high-quality study for international students. The tuition fees in Australia vary according to the university and subject. Yet, some universities are government-funded which provides academics at a bit cheaper rate. Here, we will mention some top universities in Australia with their tuition fees and requirements. 

Cost of living for international students

To find out living costs in Australia, You can read our other articles –

Living expenses

While abroad study in Australia you can’t keep your living expenses out of your sight. According to their government, the average living expenses are $21,041 in Australia per year. Yet, international students spend an average amount of 24,000 in a year. 

Health insurance

International students must get medically insured with their health insurance before starting their program in Australia. It is mandatory. The average cost of this health insurance is $388 a year. 

Transportation, and taxes

Transportation cost is another thing that you should give a thought about. Australia has its public transport on for scholars at an affordable rate. A ride on a bus can cost you about 3 Australian dollars for a short distance. Also, you can get a weekly pass for 20 AUD or a monthly pass for 80 AUD with a discount. 

Australia is very strict with taxes. Never miss paying taxes in Australia. In fact, you can do a part-time job without paying your taxes. 

What documents do you need to get rent?

Acceptable documents that are required to get rent:

  • Identification: You need photo identification or driving license or passport, your birth certificate, health care card.
  • Professional/personal references: You need positive recommendations for contact details.
  • 1 copy of previous rent receipts.
  • 1 copy of recent utility accounts.

Bank statements receipts to show proof of income.

Transportation cost fly to Australia

There are many ways to fly to Australia. Transportation cost depends on which city you’re gonna live in. The transportation cost depends on-

  • Flight expense: Most people use international airlines like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Qantas to fly into Australia. You can find great deals from mid-April to the end of August. If you are from London, then you need only 22-24 hours to visit Sydney. From Delhi, you need only 12hours.

Here are the flight cost for the flight to Australia –

Country (Economy From) Cost
From San Francisco to Perth USD8,993
From Los Angeles to Perth USD9419
San Francisco to Sydney USD3103
San Francisco to Adelaide USD3,174
Las Vegas to Brisbane USD3556
Los Angeles to Perth USD1480


While studying in Australia, There are huge part-time job opportunities for international students. International students like to work part-time jobs to earn money. They can work at least 20 hours weekly with flexibility.

You can get jobs based on skills, time schedule, and pay scale. You can get jobs like becoming a Private Tutor, Cashier, deliver boy, Custom care executes. A student can earn an average 19.84$ per hour as a part-time worker.

Job agencies in Australia

 In Australia, There are available job agencies. Among the agencies Adecco and Hays are popular. International students are getting part-time, weekly jobs, and full-time jobs from these agencies. They provide jobs like warehouse assistance, custom service operator, hr truck driver, etc. To get jobs from these agencies, You need to send your CV to them. You don’t have to pay anything to get jobs from them.

To Get job After completing degree process

There is a subclass visa 485 for those who want to work in Australia temporarily after graduation. If your result is good enough, You have lots of opportunities to get a full-time job in Australia and may be able to get permanent residency. You just need to apply for visa subclass 485 for working permissions. You will be allowed to work as

  • Graduate Steam work: This visa is for those international students who have graduated recently and have qualifications that are relevant to specific occupations Australia needs. This visa will help you to stay and work in Australia.

            Duration: Up to 18months.

  • Post-study workstream: This visa is for those international students who have finished their graduation from an Australian institution. This visa also helps you to stay and work in Australia.

            Duration: Between 2 and 4 years

  • Second post workstream: This visa is for only those who had already post-study workstream with a degree from an Australian institution located in a regional area.

            Duration: 1 and 2 years regional location.

To start a new business in Australia for international students

Australia always appreciates entrepreneurs and gives opportunities to international students to start a new business. There is a fact that students can only work 20 hours per work limitation. Before starting a new business, You need to ensure these steps

  • Need to get Australian Business Number. For your business, ABN will provide you with an 11 digit number for your business registration.
  • Confirm your business identity from Australian Business Register (ABR).
  • Need to get Auskey (access to government services)
  • Need register for taxes (PAYG withholding and GST)
  • The last step is to apply for a national business name or Australian domain name to identify your business.

It’s totally free of charge. You can apply for your new business anytime through ABR.

Permanent Residence

Requirements to get permanents residence

Australia provides permanent residency or PR visas to immigrants. The duration of the visa is 5years. With a PR visa, You can move anywhere in Australia with your family. You will also get permission to apply for citizenship after living 3 years in Australia with a PR visa.

Find visas that suits your needs-

  1. Family-stream permanent residence visas
  2. Work-stream permanent residence visas
  3. Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas

FAQ Questions

Which university to study in Melbourne?

As we spoke above, Australia is known for its high expensive education system. Not only the education system but Australians living expenses are also as high as well. Studying there you have to spend a huge amount of money every year. 

It’s hard to find the affordable university in Australia though we’ve tried to find inexpensive universities in Melbourne. 

Victoria University and Australian Catholic University are known as the affordable university. These are also popular institutes in Australia. It may seem that the Australian Catholic University is only for Catholics. But they give admission to students of all religions. In 2020, Victoria University ranked 11th out of 22 universities in Australia. 

Both of the universities outline their tuition fees under $25,000 which is reasonable in the perception of Australia. 

There is another affordable university in Australia named Swinburne. It is one of the oldest universities in Australia. The university takes only $30,000 as a tuition fee. 

Which university to study in Sydney?

Sydney is the most expensive place in Australia. Universities around this city are usually the most expensive. Although, there are a few universities in Sydney that are considered the cheapest. One is an Australian Catholic University and the other is Western Sydney University. 

Australian Catholic University has campuses in four main cities; Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane. The University rate fewer tuition fees in comparison to other expensive universities. It charges $36,250 as tuition fees every year. 

On the other side, Western Sydney University takes only around $20,000 every year. Which is less expensive than others. Despite being a top university in Australian territory, the university sets a reasonable tuition fee for its scholars. It is a multi-campus university in Australia. It provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher research levels. And the best thing about it is the cheap tuition fee. 

Abroad studying in Australia is a vastly rewarding and tremendous experience. Yet, it depends on how you choose to approach. It’s an expensive, fascinating, career-making decision you can make. As we mentioned several times, despite being an expensive tour, scholars all over the world are continuously attracted by the facilities of education in Australia. Or you can say, who can put a price on cute cuddly koala bears, kangaroos, and riotous deserts? 

Deciding to abroad study in Australia, any individual can set their life for a better future. Except for a few cities, you can get enormous job opportunities after completing graduation in Australia. The residents of Australia are friendly at it is safe in this country. 

The culture of this hottest state will teach you to think innovatively and will create an efficient intellect that will help you in every second of your life. As it’s time to say goodbye, we would like to suggest you choose your decision carefully and make a bold move. To move forward in this modern era, you have to think carefully step ahead. And the decision to study abroad in Australia can be the step that takes forward. 

How to extend the visa timeline when expired?

You must apply for a new visa if your visa timeline is expired. You cannot apply for a new visa in Australia if your visa has a condition that prevents further stay.

If you apply for a new visa before your current visa expires, you need to grant a Bridging visa A (BVA).

 BVA will help you to keep lawful in Australia when:

  • Your current visa expires, and

You have not made a decision on your new visa application.


Planning for your overseas education and career is not an easy task. It requires a lot of research, preparation, and patience. We already discussed this in this article about the study in Australia. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for your overseas education and career.

  • Research the country you want to study in before you go. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when you arrive at your new home abroad.
  • Find out what qualifications are needed to work in the country where you want to study or live abroad. You might need to do some additional studies or get additional qualifications before starting your new life abroad.
  • Plan ahead for any expenses that may arise during the course of your stay abroad, such as living costs, international student fees, health insurance, etc.
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I’m Nahian Ahammed, a seasoned Educational and Personal Development Consultant with 6 years of hands-on experience. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from IUB. My journey involves guiding individuals on their educational and personal growth paths through various projects and consultations. I am dedicated to empowering others to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find joy in exploring new insights in educational methodologies and staying abreast of the latest trends in personal development. Let’s embark on a journey of learning and growth together.

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Any recommendations that are general tips for your Personal, Career, and Business Development may not apply to all individuals. the advice given isn’t meant to be professional or legal advice.

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