Why Do Students Cheat And Prevention

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Why students cheating
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Cheating by any means is not praiseworthy but heinous, and students know that very well. But they cheat anyway. Why? Because they find it easier than going through thousands of pages and manuals. They don’t understand the essence of studying. It’s just a stepping stone to get their desired degrees. Why do they go to such lengths to get higher marks and recognition? There are multiple reasons for that, and one that stands out is the classical ways used by the faculties. Their efforts are not disregarded or demeaned. It’s about how they approach teaching. What they tend to forget is that this is not the 19th or 20th century anymore. The classical method had its glory, but it’s long gone.

The top reasons why students cheat in exam

Easier way out

Most of the time, students do not want to go through the actual procedure of studying for the exam. Instead, they take the easy way out which is c

heating. Some students believe that your destination is the only thing that matters, not the journey. However, this notion should not be promoted as the journey of how one reaches their destination reflects on the person’s true intentions.

Low on moral obligation

Morality can be somewhat of a blurry concept to a few students. It is mostly because both in houses and educational institutions, morality is not as emphasized as it should be. As a result, students do not consider cheating on exams as an offense. The students perceive such violation of the rules set by the authority as some sort of a misdemeanor. They can not comprehend the intensity of this offense due to a lack of morality.

Minimal penalization

More often than not, teachers or instructors let the students off with a warning if the students are caught cheating. It might seem like adequate punishment analyzing the present situation. However, in the long run, these types of acts cater to normalizing the act of cheating.

Fear of failing

Teachers usually use the fear of failure as an incentive to make students study whereas they should be using the contentment of passing as motivation. The word ‘failure’ works as a negative catalyst on the student’s mind. Hence, out of fear, students apt to using unfair means to avoid falling in the examination.

Easy access to technology

As most of the students have access to smartphones these days, it is easy for them to cheat. The answers are only one click away, and controlling the temptation might get hard for them.

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How to Prevent Cheating?

Now, let’s talk about how to prevent students from cheating. Prevention about anything starts when you look at the root of the problem. Look at some famous examples such as Khan Academy, Coursera. Even Onnorokom Pathshala or 10 Minute School. They are trying to change the way the majority of us perceive studying and learning. They are infusing interactive and engaging methods with traditional techniques. These events change everything! How? Because it makes the learning experience more fun and effortless to comprehend. They are making the students question their determination about something.

It does not matter whether it’s science or arts. The goal is to have a firm grasp of that subject. You need to understand one thing first. It’s not about the results. Results are just the by-product of the experience. It’s the experience that matters. However, students will not understand the meaning unless they experience something that moves them. If the journey is noteworthy, the results will follow eventually.

Another thing to mention is the constant pressure and deadlines thrown at the faces of the students. Studying about anything requires effort, determination, and most importantly, interest to learn. Although many students could find the enthusiasm to learn, it can diminish if there is too much pressure. Learning needs a healthy balance of giving time to the study materials and gaining knowledge outside those textbooks.

why do students cheat is the most common question for teachers. They can solve it in their own way. The teachers must take good care of their students. If some of the students do not understand a topic and meet the deadlines, it’s okay to let them take a breather. Communication is the key, and teachers should make a good example out of it. They should talk to their students and counsel them if necessary. Taking the time to understand what the students need can lead the teachers to know about their dreams and aspirations. So, allowing time and space for growth play a vital role in cheating prevention.

Saying all of that, sometimes it’s the students who are at fault. Sometimes the system and the methods are not the ones who are accountable for such degradation of ethics. Over the years, many studies show that almost 80-90% of students engage in some form of cheating. Some students convince themselves that cheating falls within the moral code if the teachers don’t apprehend them.

The lack of interest, the availability of easier cheating methods, and many other factors incite the students to cheat. The students fail to find any interest in their studies, and as a result, they adopt those illegal means. Teachers should supervise the students who need more attention and interact with them about their feelings about learning.

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Why do students cheat is a common question for every parent, teacher, and yourself also. Cheating is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s not something that will vanish even if the education system is all perfect. Moreover, forcing students to forbade them from cheating is not the way forward. The very best thing for the students is to assure them that not understanding and failing are just a part of the process. It’s great to fall! Because it makes you understand the value of getting up again after falling. There are numerous steps that must be taken to remedy this sickness from society.

First of all, the study system should be in a way that must focus on learning not on upgrading the passing rate. Kids tend to have different interests in different subjects and areas. So, educational institutions should also focus on extra curriculum activities along with the studies. Parents should also encourage their kids to do the things which they are interested in instead of only focusing on their studies. It will make them being mentally calm and less interested in hating their study. Also, the obsession with competing should not be encouraged. Healthy competition is good for progress but it should not be at such a rate that will make them dishonest and a mania.

The government should also be strict in the leaking of the question paper and make should punish those who are involved in this corruption. Most of all, ethical views should be practiced in both home and educational institutions to avoid such disaster which is a severe cause of our society’s destruction.

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